SESSIONS WHAT IS A THERAPEUTIC SESSION? A session is a gift you give to yourself to resolve a specific difficult or challenging situation. Quite a few people fight to resolve their problems or bury them in some form of unconscious resistance; or they minimize them and wait for them to vanish. A more loving option for yourself is to receive effective help that drives you to a higher level of consciousness from which your problems turn into opportunities for you to evolve and transform yourself into a fuller and happier human being. Some might think that they must be in very bad shape to deserve help. Yet, asking for help is an act of courage and self-love. WHAT TYPES OF SESSIONS ARE THERE? a. Private sessions These are conducted directly and personally in the consulting office of the trained facilitator. Sessions can be for one person, a couple, family or private group; lasting one hour or more as needed. b. Remote sessions
In a remote session the client communicates with the facilitator by phone or a video service using a webcast as Skype, google plus or VSee. c. Proxy sessions
When a session is done by proxy, the facilitator, obtains the information in a very similar way as when the session is done in the consulting office. And, although this might sound strange until experienced, this way of having a session works because we are all connected at the sub-atomic level and all that is required is a well-trained facilitator, the permission of the person wishing to receive the session and an intention to transform consciousness to resolve issues or problems. All you need in order to receive a proxy session is to ask for it, give your name, email address and the issue that you want to work on. You do not need to be focused on or even aware of the session taking place; you can go on with your life as usual. You will receive a note in an email of the work done. d. Group sessions
In a group session, we unite the power of the will to change that each person brings to the session. We choose a particular topic in which each participant is interested and we transform consciousness. Group sessions include all issues that group members have in common. With each person that joins the group, their individual power expands the group’s potential exponentially; the larger the group, the greater the transforming effect from the session—since the effect is greater than just the sum of its parts. Each person will experience the process of the session in their own unique way, with changes occurring throughout the process of transformation. Everyone integrates at their own pace with attitudes, perceptions and beliefs becoming increasingly more positive. Although sessions focus on a particular topic, you will see positive changes occurring in other areas of your life too. This happens because by increasing the level of your consciousness in one area of your life, your life in general improves.
• Prosperity and abundance
• Career success
• Health and well-being, both physical and emotional
• Living with purpose and passion
• Overcoming traumatic events
• Tough decision-making
• Personal development
HOW DO THE SESSIONS WORK? The problems you are experiencing now are rooted in patterns you generated in the past. These patterns are created by your lived experiences and needs that were not met; modeling, through family patterns, and generationally recurring experiences and beliefs you have formed about yourself, others and of life in general. These active, but buried from your awareness patterns resonate and attract similar experiences. When you reprogram these patterns you can transform yourself consciously and create new experiences. The sessions open up options that were previously unavailable to you because you were blinded by your problems to the opportunities already present.
To be able to change the reality in which you live you need to identify all those beliefs that limit you. Some of these beliefs are conscious, but the most important work is achieved when we identify and transform what lies at the unconscious level. To be able to enter the unconscious we use kinesiology or muscle testing, a form of body feedback, which gains access to your innate wisdom. Using the contraction-relaxation response of the muscles we can identify limiting patterns, past experiences, beliefs and unmet needs you have buried in your shadow side causing problems now, and positive patterns you need to integrate to be free. Muscle testing also guides us to choose from a variety of exercises (concrete actions) to discover those you need in order to reprogram and transform your consciousness. The Magui Block® method, in addition to my 20+ years experience as a therapist, includes but not limited to, the following: knowledge of Family Constellations, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Resonance Repatterning®, Rapid Eye Movement (EMDR®), EFT and TAT®
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