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DO YOU WANT TO CREATE FULFILLING INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS FOR YOUR AND THOSE AROUND YOU? DO YOU KNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE ALONE OR IN A TROUBLED RELATIONSHIP? WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACQUIRE THE TOOLS TO SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR GROWTH? In this course, you learn a powerful method for working with the main themes involved in relationships and for manifesting a fulfilling partnership. It includes the latest techniques in psychotherapy combined in a unique way to achieve effective results in no time at all. WHO CAN TAKE THE COURSE? Therapists, psychologists, trainers and other professionals working with persons or organizations. Also, all those with an interest in the subject, who wish to apply the material to themselves and/or others. Duration There are three seminars in this course. 1. One four-day seminar (Attract the Love of Your Life)
2. One three-day seminar (Therapeutic Abilities)
3. One three-day seminar (Mastery) Each seminar is complete in itself. You can study the one that interest you in the order you want (except Mastery wich is done at the end). And at any time, you may decide you want to complete all the seminars to obtain the diploma. SEMINAR 1: Attract the Love of Your Life (or improve the one you have). Twenty one Transformations of Consciousness and various exercises are taught.
The topics are: 1. Opening Up Your Heart
2. Choosing Love
3. Creating Space
4. Facing Solitude
5. Filling Your Heart
6. Creating Your Vision
7. Recharging Your Polarity
8. Choosing Your Ideal Partner
9. Letting Go of the Past
10. Ending Toxic Relationships
11. Healing Wounds
12. Liberating Unconscious Patterns
13. Discovering Your Identity
14. Making Wise Decisions
15. Giving and Receiving Love
16. Healing Your Sexuality
17. Intimacy and Commitment
18. Flowing
19. Taking Responsibility for Your Life
20. Communicating
21. Managing Anger and Boundaries SEMINAR 2: Therapeutic Abilities In this three-day seminar, you will learn techniques from humanist psychotherapy and other disciplines. These techniques Magui Block® has integrated into her own practice throughout her quest for knowledge in this area, and they will help you make profound consciousness transformations for yourself and to use as a sound practice in your therapeutic profession. The topics taught in this seminar are: • Being of Service: How to facilitate the transformation process
• The Therapeutic Framework: basic structure to feel safe and secure in your practice
• Working with Unfinished Business
• Clear Guidelines for the Transformation of Consciousness: leading a session from start to finish
• Therapeutic Abilities
o Attitudes: Unconditional Positive Consideration, Empathic Attitude, Congruence and Respect. o Therapeutic Tools: Physical and Psychological care, Reflection, Concretization, Transference, Advanced empathy, Self, Nearness, Confrontation y Working with the parts. SEMINAR 3: Master the Magui Block® Method in Intimate Relationship. The objective of this seminar is to help students become professionals by utilizing psychotherapeutic techniques to improve expertise. During three days, while supervised practices are held, students receive both feedback and the necessary tools to face the situations that may happen while conducting a session. Note: In order to be able to receive the SEP diploma, a student must get a passing grade in the seminars, complete all payments and deliver a copy of birth certificate, two diploma-sized pictures with student wearing white shirt/blouse and face and ears uncovered. Must be over 18 years of age.
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