HEALING THE SYSTEMS BY MAGUI BLOCK ARE YOU WILLING TO FREE YOURSELF FROM THE SYSTEMIC PATTERNS THAT ARE IN YOUR WAY? HAVE YOU LOST PEACE IN YOUR LIFE AND WANT TO RECOVER IT? DO YOU FACE REPETITIVE SITUATIONS AND WANT TO SOLVE THEM? Besides your family system, you belong to other systems that affect you unconsciously: your country, culture, religion, gender, profession, etc. All these generate patterns of behavior and situations that you often don’t like and attempt to change but it doesn’t happen. The reason for this is that the systems you belong to have unresolved issues embedded in them, and its members, you included, try to find solutions unwittingly by continually repeating its stories. Therefore, it may be taking years of trying to resolve issues in your life because you have not attended to the deeper issues that detonate them. This seminar will outline the essential aspects of working with systems in a clear and accessible manner, provide practical tools to heal and transform what you live. The Magui Block® method teaches you the Transformations of Consciousness process which identifies negative beliefs that block you and positive beliefs you need to integrate into your system’s conscience. It also provides you with specific exercises for transforming your systemic conscience, which combine the most advanced and powerful techniques in reprogramming and psychotherapy. Some of the topics you will learn are: • Orders to give
• Orders to receive
• Health
• Peace
• Organizational consulting
Magui Block
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