HEALING THE FAMILY BY MAGUI BLOCK DO YOU WISH TO LIBERATE YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN FROM DESTRUCTIVE FAMILY DYNAMICS? WOULD YOU LIKE TO FIND A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS YOU FACE? DO YOU WISH TO FULLY DEVELOP YOUR POTENTIAL? DID YOU KNOW 80 % OF YOUR PROBLEMS HAVE SYSTEMIC CAUSES? The history of your family system affects you subconsciously. It may take you years trying to solve situations that are present in your life on the surface, which will remain unsolved unless you take care of the issues underneath that detonate them. In this seminar, the essential aspects of the work with family systems are presented in a clear and accessible manner providing you with practical tools to heal and transform what you are living. The seminar contains seven Transformations of Consciousness, the Magui Block ® method, in which both the negative beliefs that block you, and the positive beliefs that you need instead, are identified and integrated. In addition, you are provided with more than fifty specific exercises that transform you, combining advanced and powerful reprogramming and psychotherapy techniques. Some of the topics you will learn are: • Including the Excluded
• Balance between Giving and Taking
• Taking the Parents
• Systemic Loyalties
• Co-dependence
• Struggle for Power
• Violence Cycles
Magui Block
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