Magui Block® | Registered SEP 17DEX31312 DO YOU WANT TO FREE YOURSELF, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CLIENTS OF THE DESTRUCTIVE DYNAMICS OF A FAMILY SYSTEM? DO YOU LONG TO HEAL AT A PROFOUND LEVEL SO YOU ARE ABLE TO REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL? WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP OTHERS IN THEIR PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATION? In this diploma course, you will learn how to use a powerful method to identify disorders that exist in the systems you belong to and how they can be solved. It includes the latest techniques in psychotherapy combined in a unique way to achieve effective results in no time at all. WHO CAN TAKE THE COURSE? Therapists, psychologists, facilitators, administrators and other professionals working with people or organizations. Also all those with an interest on the subject who wish to apply the material to heal themselves and improve their family dynamics and/or conduct sessions professionally. Duration There are a total of five seminars in this course. 1. One three-day seminar (Healing the Family)
2. One three-day seminar (Healing Systems)
3. One three-day seminar (Therapeutic Abilities)
4. One three-day seminar (Systemic Constellations)
5. One three-day seminar (Mastery) Each seminar is complete in itself. You can study the one that interest you in the order you want (except Mastery wich is done at the end). And at any time, you may decide you want to complete all the seminars to obtain the diploma. SEMINAR 1: Healing the Family The history of your family system affects you subconsciously. Until you attend to matters that trigger the situations you live in unhappily, they will remain present in your life. In this seminar, the essential aspects of working with family systems are summarized in a clear and accessible manner, providing practical tools to heal and transform what you live. The topics with which you will become familiar are: • Including the Excluded
• Balance between Giving and Taking
• Taking the Parents
• Systemic Loyalties
• Co-dependence
• Struggle for Power
• Violence Cycles SEMINAR 2: Healing the Systems Besides your family system, you belong to other systems that affect you unconsciously: your country of origin, the language you speak, the race to which you belong, your educational and social level, religion, your profession, etc. These generate patterns of behavior and situations that may adversely affect you. In this seminar, you will learn how to resolve these dynamics and be nourished going through your life with success. Some of the topics covered are: • Orders for Giving
• Orders for Receiving
• Health
• Peace
• Organizational Consulting SEMINAR 3: Therapeutic Abilities In this three-day seminar, you will learn techniques from humanist psychotherapy and other disciplines that Magui Block® has integrated during her quest for knowledge in this area. These tools will help you to make profound transformations of consciousness and use the method as a professional. The topics taught in this seminar are: • Being of Service: How to facilitate the transformation process
• The Therapeutic Framework: basic structure to feel safe and secure in your practice
• Working with Unfinished Business
• Clear Guidelines for the Transformation of Consciousness: leading a session from start to finish
• Therapeutic Abilities
o Attitudes: Unconditional Positive Consideration, Empathic Attitude, Congruence and Respect. o Therapeutic Tools: Physical and Psychological Care, Reflection, Concretization, Transference, Advanced Empathy, Self, Nearness, Confrontation and Working with the Parts. SEMINAR 4: Systemic Constellations In this seminar you will learn a powerful method that helps you identify what is happening in any system (business, family, organization, the individual person in relation to its country, profession, gender, religion, etc.) and find alternative solutions. In an ordered system, love and energy flows freely which benefits each of the system’s members. When the members occupy an ordered place in the system, they can live fully, without the burdens that correspond others, receive the support of the other members and achieve their goals. In an ordered system, love and energy flows freely which benefits each of the system’s members. In three days you will apply a method that combines several techniques of psychotherapy and Bert Hellinger’s work with Family Constellations, to transform consciousness in a loving and deep way, without crisis. You will be able to use it in individual or group sessions, for business or personal growth. SEMINAR 5: Master the Magui Block® Method in Family and Organizational Systems The objective of this seminar is to help students become professionals by utilizing psychotherapeutic techniques to improve expertise. During three days, while supervised practices are held, students receive both feedback and the necessary tools to face the situations that may happen while conducting a session. Note: In order to be able to receive the SEP diploma, a student must get a passing grade in the seminars, complete all payments and deliver a copy of birth certificate, two diploma-sized pictures with student wearing white shirt/blouse and face and ears uncovered. Must be over 18 years of age.
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