Myriam’s interest in modern psychology, along with her genuine intention to help others achieve balance, wellness and growth, lead her to become certified as a practitioner in Resonance Repatterning®, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Transforming Consciousness (Magui Block®).
She provides support with her experience in these methods that transform your limiting beliefs to achieve the positive change you have been looking for. The results are fast and efficient. She works with children, teenagers and adults; session in person, by phone or Skype. She speaks English and Spanish. Tel: 956-467-6875 WhatsApp
Berenice, as a practitioner, has the opportunity to accompany others to transform their limiting beliefs, which have prevented them to achieve their dreams and goals. She is trained in Metaphysics; healer in the group of Essenes, Reiki III, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbalist, and Iridology. She is certified in Transformation of Consciousness, Couple Relationship, Family and Organizational Systems and Constellations. In addition, she is a Business and Personal Coach. She gives session in person or skype. She speaks English, French (60%) and Spanish. Cel . +52 1 (55) 3502 8372 whatsapp
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Tel: +52 (55) 5068-9345
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While researching her interest in how to raise her consciousness Dinorah discovered the Resonance Repatterning method. She decided to become a therapist for reprogramming beliefs with this system. Additionally she became qualified in the Magui Block® system doing family and archetype constellations, relationship and organizational consultancy; protocols that help you find the best out of life. She discovered this was her passion: to support children, teenagers and adults in healing the negative patterns and negative beliefs, to bring about balance in their lives. She also supports this process of healing with gem therapy.
Available for individual, group & organizational consult. Disclaimer of Liability Any training program provides the wisdom that comes with experience and the integrity to facilitate this work. I have done my best to provide a solid foundation facilitating and managing professionally the Magui Block® method. I (Magui Block®) do not assume any responsibility for actions, words or behavior of the trained facilitators recommended in this page. E-mail: E-mail: blog Col. Polanco, México D.F. Skype: Dinorah Arriaga
E-mail: McAllen, Texas, EU
Her interest in all aspects of society, its challenges and need for transformation, led her to graduate with honors as a Sociologist at UNAM. Throughout her professional career, she specialized in research, of family, social groups, and antisocial behavior, among others. She undertook several positions with public Institutions, as well as teaching social psychology at UNAM. Her commitment to societal and family problems, and in particular, the role of the individual, brought her to the study of individuality through Personality Theories, Past lives, Logotherapy and Resonance Repatterning, in which she has been a Certified Facilitator since 2007. In her more than 10 years private practice, Inspired by Magui Block´s methods, she found a path to reach the deepest transformation of the conscious, through work with individuals, couples, groups, and systems. This approach have proven to benefit every client, in order for them to achieve transformation and reach their full potential. Rosa Leticia Anchondo +52 (55) 5525 11 62
Cel. 55 1800 5506
México, D.F Colonia Juárez Beatriz is a Business Manager with a Diploma in Family Education, and has studied Bio-decodification of Illnesses and also Psychcogenealogy. She currently works as a personal, group and family systems practitioner, as well as a business enterprise consultant. Additionally, she is a Yoga and Meditation teacher. All Beatriz’ professional activities blend seamlessly with one another since her philosophy is a holistic one and based on the integration of body, mind and soul. Her expertise includes ThetaHealing, Reiki, Scio, and Biofeedback, and she is Resonance Repatterning practitioner. As an associated founder of the Sarasvaty Holistic Center, she provides bilingual English-Spanish consulting, either in person or by Skype.
She would like to invite you to use her services to expand the limits of your consciousness, create a different attitude towards what you live every day, and transform your problems into opportunities to be your best. E mail:
Cel: 33 3441 6017
Leticia Roel is an adventurous soul, who since a child has lived and worked in many places in the world; and with great teachers.
Her passions include “the spiritual quest” —a path of knowledge for herself and for the human being—and expressive art: dance, performance, visual arts, and the creation of mandalas as offerings to the earth. Leticia cherishes the love of nature, her family and her practice of swimming. Lately, she has completed 5 modules of polarity therapy, aromatherapy and 4 years of shamanism, and is continuing. She has studied the method Magui Block® and her extraordinary and practical method. Which has given Leticia the skills to be a great therapist, at service to people facilitating their process of evolution and healing. Leticia transmits her wisdom and experience with her characteristic enthusiasm, creativity, magic and joy. Cel 045 777 103 3570
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