I offer solutions for: • Interpersonal conflicts and power struggles
• Lack of motivation and lack of commitment
• Communication problems
• Lack of integration
• Low productivity Each person working in an organization or business carries into it his or her personal and family issues, as much as we would like to think otherwise. These personal issues affect job performance and therefore the productivity of the company as a whole. An important question to ask about any person in an organization is: How do you increase his or her overall performance and effectiveness? It is because the success of your business or organization relies upon its greatest resource, the people that work within it, that I created a novel but highly efficient, time-saving and cost-effective supportive method and tool. It is an essential and vital tool for any situations that currently present themselves as an issue to be solved among the members of your business or organization, which may or may not have originated within the business or organization itself. There are several options for how to proceed to resolve these issues: 1. - Individual sessions for directors, managers and people in key positions. • A complete package of services will be determined and suggested at the onset of the initial discussion of the issues at hand, which will depend on how many people require attention or who is involved. • I suggest one to three sessions per person, with each session lasting one hour. 2. - Group sessions. • These session could be held for a group of people whose productivity focus is similar, i.e., production, sales, customer service, etc., • Or for a small multidisciplinary group composed of members from different areas of the organization. 3. - Special Programed Workshops depending on the needs of the company. Some examples of workshop topics include: • Effective communication
• Managing emotions
• Organizational constellations
• Healthy interpersonal relationships
• Awareness
• Conflict management
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