I was working in business management, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, when I quickly realized that the origin of the problems facing others and me were not rooted outside us but within our individuality and how we interrelated. That's how the desire to understand people and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships emerged in me. I completed studies in psychotherapy at the Institute for Gestalt in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, and during that and the next fifteen years, completed these specialties: • Person Centered Therapy • Gestalt Psychotherapy • Gestalt Work with Children and Adolescents • Working with Dreams
• Biomnémics (corporal therapy)
• Gestalt Working with Symptoms, • Family Constellations • Allergy Antidotes. In addition, I trained in the art of family therapy and Rapid Eye Movement (EMDR) with Judith Jones, and Ericksonian Hypnosis with Stephen Adler at the A.C.T. Institute. I also completed training as a Therapist in Family Constellations from The Bert Hellinger Institute of Berlin. Additionally, I became certified as a Resonance Repatterning ® facilitator in 1999, and at the request of its founder Chloe Faith Wordsworth, I created the seminars and manuals: Healing the Family and Healing the Systems. Whenever I traveled for the Repatterning Institute, people other than the students of the Institute would request to study my seminars. So, I created a new method combining the most effective techniques in psychotherapy to make them accessible for everyone. The Magui Block ® method was born. The material is very easy to use and can be put to use by anyone who can read and write. It is being reported that people using the technique are having amazing results. I’ve also made it possible, for anyone who wishes, to continue further training to become a professional helping others. I run a private practice as a therapist in Mexico, seeing clients in person or on the phone or Skype, where I continue to create and expand my seminars and tools for transforming consciousness and living well. And due to increasing demand, I travel within Mexico, the US and Europe, gratefully sharing the success of the tools I’ve created.
Who is and how did she create a new method that can help you transform your life MAGUI
Magui Block
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